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Puppy Matula

​Whatever it takes

​"When a human lives in a war-torn country, lives a life of abuse or a life with pain...Help them escape".

​Tony Matula

Tony, Left of the water bottle. Served two 4 year terms as an elected Lebanon City Council Member (2008-2016)

Anthony's Hairstyling opened under the ownership of Tony 40 years ago in 1978 at 110 South 9th Street. Tony owned and operated 14 solons including his Lancaster, Annville and several Lebanon locations. Today, Anthony's Hairstyling is located at it's roots. 110 South 9th Street Lebanon Pennsylvania. 

The history behind this photo, which has been on Tony's  bucket list since high school  represents his passion in regards to doing anything and everything to remove human pain.  Tony has always believed that to express the degree of that passion, he would be wrapped naked in barbed wire.  In 2015, at the age of 58, he had the opportunity to meet photographer, Robert Cornelius.  Robert understood the message and passion. After a two hour photo session in which he was carefully wrapped,

he could not move without pain. 

Tony had a choice. So many do not.


Blind Ambition: A major project undertaken by  Anthony's Court Hairstyling solon located at the corner of Prince and King Streets in Lancaster Pennsylvania , 1982 thru 1985.I experienced one of my toughest challenges of my life. The teaching a phycically blind person the fundementals of hairstyling in preparation of passing State Boards and obtain their liciance. I made it clear Lorrane will not be hired with-in the industry. But, she will make a statement loud and clear. "No one will slow me down because of my disability, You know I can do it" Lorrane passed the Pennsylvania State Bourd of Proffesional and Occupational Affairs Barber exam.


Picture this scenario:  one King says something, the other King wages war.  Six months later they realize it was a simple misunderstanding.  Sixty thousand lives are lost.  Too late to say, "Never Mind".  Another situation has someone telling a friend all about a "Rumor" they heard about a mutual friend.  Of course, this "Rumor" has been passed on through several channels of conversation.  The "Rumor" has been not only embellished, but sensationalized.  What was once "Did you hear Mary was seen buying a Washington Post", turns into "Did you hear Mary is moving to Washington because her daughter who lives in Washington is having a bay and works full-time and needs child care because here husband left her".  This leaves open all kinds of innuendos of why/when/where, etc.  The truth is:  she actually bought the paper to check on the weather during her visit to her happily married daughter who is not expecting.  Go figure.  I've been a hair stylist for nearly 35 years, working full-time, listening to way too many one-sided accounts of the personal lives that people "think" they have a grip on.  Since the beginning, I have always made it clear, "If you want to talk about anyone...that person must be right here to verify.  Example:  a disgruntled client attempting to trash a neighbor or in-law in regards to how they don't treat someone correct or their actions lead them to conclude what is going on in their personal life.  Go figure.  Some Rumors are intentional, some are not.  But they speak as an expert.  But in reality, don't have a clue.  One of the most interesting experiences I have had was when I was talking to a stranger.  The subject of hair came up and she told me where she went.  For the fun of it, I told her I went to Tony Matula.  Her response was, "I know him".  She went on to tell me he has two daughters.  I told her I was under the assumption he has a son and daughter.  I left her continue.  "He is a good stylist".  Of course, I agreed.  After a few more fictional facts, I looked at her and said, "I'm Tony Matula".  Her face got red and she told me I don't look the same.  Got up and left.  Here is the moral of this story:  Don't buy into what someone wants to tell you about anyone else unless you hear it from the horse's mouth.  It is a shallow and dangerous path.  Accept no one's definition of your life.  Define it your f***ing self.

                                                                                                                                                                 Tony Matula